Sometimes you just gotta got with the flow.

You can’t co-create with the universe and constantly be in planning, goal-getting, mode.

Sometimes you gotta just let the universe provide you with opportunities that you havn’t thought of for yourself.

Yea, you had that plan to do this or do that and it hasn’t and isn’t panning out. And the universe is like, “yo’, I got this gig over here for you!” An you like, “But that wasn’t in my plans, I said I wanted to do this!”.

Interesting like this co-creation, collaboration may be leading you to your desires, it may look like a detour, but detours are necessary.  Sight-See. If you Can.


it’s the journey that makes the story.

Not the destination.

-The story usually just ends when the characters reach their destination anyway…

Then its just the start of a new one.


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