My Style of Writing.

I feel like Modern English is beginning to come to the point where it sounds like “Shakespeare”. Like that “Old English”. Like the King James Version of the Bible.


Why does it take all these extra words to say what you mean?

All these extra letters and punctuation?

I don’t think in complete sentences. I emote.

[How do I translate my vibes, my feelings into words?]

I’m not in the practice of restricting my self-expression to a social standard.

To Standard English.

I’m my Own MuthaFuckin’ Dialect!

In the reality, state-of-mind (paradigm) of not being caught up in this current way of life,

being resistant to change.

I embrace it. Change is inevitable.

Not everyone can do this in this lifetime,

but I’m one of the one’s who can.

Who can usher in change.

Who holds the energy toward …




Like the Egyptians

It starts with You first.

Then it spreads,

the frequency,

the energy you emit.

It communicates with others even before you open your mouth!

Subconscious Energy.


– She’s inherG.



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