Black People

We need to Love on Ourselves




Before we think about including any other.

[This goes out to the ones who manipulate words.

Misinterpret OUR Intentions.]

Even if it Takes

Another 4 Hundred Years to do so,

[400 years of american slavery]


{this meaning if several generations need to go by

to make this healing penetrate thoroughly. so be it.}

abracadabra. ase. amen.



Social Media Whore.

Men can be whores too.

Social Media Whores.

They scour the internet in search of attention.

One. after another. after another.

Never finding the validation that they seek.

Going from woman to woman.

Taking and taking.

Never fully awaking.

To the fact that he has a problem.



Sometimes you just gotta got with the flow.

You can’t co-create with the universe and constantly be in planning, goal-getting, mode.

Sometimes you gotta just let the universe provide you with opportunities that you havn’t thought of for yourself.

Yea, you had that plan to do this or do that and it hasn’t and isn’t panning out. And the universe is like, “yo’, I got this gig over here for you!” An you like, “But that wasn’t in my plans, I said I wanted to do this!”.

Interesting like this co-creation, collaboration may be leading you to your desires, it may look like a detour, but detours are necessary.  Sight-See. If you Can.


it’s the journey that makes the story.

Not the destination.

-The story usually just ends when the characters reach their destination anyway…

Then its just the start of a new one.

My Style of Writing.

I feel like Modern English is beginning to come to the point where it sounds like “Shakespeare”. Like that “Old English”. Like the King James Version of the Bible.


Why does it take all these extra words to say what you mean?

All these extra letters and punctuation?

I don’t think in complete sentences. I emote.

[How do I translate my vibes, my feelings into words?]

I’m not in the practice of restricting my self-expression to a social standard.

To Standard English.

I’m my Own MuthaFuckin’ Dialect!

In the reality, state-of-mind (paradigm) of not being caught up in this current way of life,

being resistant to change.

I embrace it. Change is inevitable.

Not everyone can do this in this lifetime,

but I’m one of the one’s who can.

Who can usher in change.

Who holds the energy toward …




Like the Egyptians

It starts with You first.

Then it spreads,

the frequency,

the energy you emit.

It communicates with others even before you open your mouth!

Subconscious Energy.


– She’s inherG.



Miss Informed

The issue isn’t with Europeans.

The issue is within The Mindset.

I’ve been discriminated against on job interviews from what we call, People of Color.

One incident was even after I was hired! The Persian woman I worked for at Silver Textiles in LA, said they had to “let me go” because she thought that I would not grasp how to do things there. This was something that clearly existed only in her mind and her perception of me. Whether her perception was based on me being a Black Woman or an Introvert or the very likely combination of the two which somehow rendered me inferior to keep the position. I knew that her statement was coming from a biased place and I challenged her by repeating what she had just told me so that she could hear herself and how stupid she sounded. I repeated, “You are letting me…

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t h o u g h t s: iz we gon’ b ok?

are we going to be the generation that comes up with a plan-in-action as to how we are going to live our lives once the economy collapses.

whether this occurs by force or we gracefully transition into a modern way of “energy exchanges” that don’t convert[pervert] our energy/work into currency.

its going to happen at some point so it is wise to prepare. Just like how people prepare for natural disasters this is one to prepare for too.

If we don’t prepare someone else is going to prepare for you and they dont have your best intentions at heart. Like a preditor they’re lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike! So stay alive {stay  w o k e }. Don’t live with your eyes closed.

are we going to be the generation that comes up with a plan-in-action as to how we are going to live our lives once the economy collapses.

The NEW Paradigm is Now! Those thoughts flow into action > those actions flow into habit > those habits flow into > culture.

This means a change in how we live our daily lives. Are we going to be dependent on the g(otherment) or are we going to be interdependent with one another?

We’ve forgotten each other to feed the beast. The beast that supplies all of our needs.

Can’t u see we trapped. u still a slave. manipulated into thinking this is the definition of freedom. This is what THEY told you. Don’t you know you, we have the power to create for ourselves! We can grow our own food, we don’t need theirs gm[NO!]

when we gon’ get free? Askin’ myself this





S e l f   A c t u a l i z a t i o n

T o   b e   s e l f – a c t u a l i z e d

to be very accepting of oneself

& of my life’s circumstances

focused on finding  s o l u t i o n s  to societal problems,

rather than to personal problems

open to others’ o p i n i o n s   &   i d e a s

strong sense of privacy,  i n d e p e n d e n c e

human values &  a p p r e c i a t i o n  of life

few intimate friendships   rather than many superficial ones

⋆ found core-nature that is true to me ⋆

contradictions of human condition/existence   are accepted with tolerance

reliant on own experiences; independent, not reliant on society/culture/environment

to form opinions & views

Resourceful & Independent

Profound Interpersonal Relationships; deep loving bonds; satisfying relationships with others

Comfort with Solitude ; comfortable being alone

the ability to laugh at oneself   – non·hostile humor

to be myself, to be fully human, to fulfill myself, to be completely alive,

risk being vulnerable, uncovering painful aspects of self

in order to learn/grow



self-actualizing exercise

to uncover myself