S e l f   A c t u a l i z a t i o n

T o   b e   s e l f – a c t u a l i z e d

to be very accepting of oneself

& of my life’s circumstances

focused on finding  s o l u t i o n s  to societal problems,

rather than to personal problems

open to others’ o p i n i o n s   &   i d e a s

strong sense of privacy,  i n d e p e n d e n c e

human values &  a p p r e c i a t i o n  of life

few intimate friendships   rather than many superficial ones

⋆ found core-nature that is true to me ⋆

contradictions of human condition/existence   are accepted with tolerance

reliant on own experiences; independent, not reliant on society/culture/environment

to form opinions & views

Resourceful & Independent

Profound Interpersonal Relationships; deep loving bonds; satisfying relationships with others

Comfort with Solitude ; comfortable being alone

the ability to laugh at oneself   – non·hostile humor

to be myself, to be fully human, to fulfill myself, to be completely alive,

risk being vulnerable, uncovering painful aspects of self

in order to learn/grow



self-actualizing exercise

to uncover myself

exploring creation · feelings · intuition
c r e a t i o n


T h i s

an exploration {exploratory} exercise

to look within and write the words that come out

soul searching, seeking answers within

finding out from myself, from Source within

knowing I can find the answers within me




its not me in this physical sense.

its not me and all that society consents.

its my desires, soul urges.

beyond this current depiction of time.

can our souls overcome these physical limitations. can we transform them together. for the better. can we exist & resist the things that try to hinder  w e  .  o n e n e s s  ? Will our lives align or will we have to push the pieces together ? 


First Blog Post: An Introduction

The yin-yang balance of lavender points to the feminine side, being very supporting of our ability to turn inward and increase our awareness.


I’ve started this blog as an outlet > an outlet to my creative expression and to get my thoughts out > my feelings out > my views out. I’m making it my intention to write in a way that expresses my natural tendencies when I write out my thought processes. So I ignore grammar and punctuation rules.

I’m writing to journal my journey > reach people who think like me > connect with those my writing resonates with > influence thoughts to challenge/change certain paradigms in this current society > develop and document my self-discovery/recovery.